Is Adoption Right for My Child and I?


Explore your unplanned pregnancy options.

There is no greater responsibility in the world than being a parent to a child. There is no relationship that requires more love and patience, and no job that requires more energy than being a mom or a dad. Are you ready for it? Have a conversation with your heart. Examine your conscience. Search your soul. You can use these questions to sort your thoughts:

  • Will I be doing this all alone? Will I have anyone I can really depend on to help me?
  • Am I able to pay for all the things a baby will need? Is my baby’s father able to help me?
  • Can I feed, clothe, house, comfort, discipline and teach a child at this time in my life?
  • Am I ready to have a baby completely dependent on me to fulfill every need, 24 hours a day?
  • Can I compromise – put my child’s needs before mine day after day and be happy to do it, not resentful?
  • Am I more worried about what my friends and family think than about doing what is best for my baby and I?

The most important thing we can offer you now and for the future is peace of mind. Our goal at ACF Adoptions is to help you understand your options, the adoption legal process and the adoption resources available so that you can make a well-informed decision.

Unplanned Pregnancy Options

There are alternatives to giving your child up for adoption, including foster care, relative care and parenting the child. There may also be community services and sources of financial assistance available to you if you choose to parent the child. Other options available to you may vary by which state you live in.

Making the Right Decision

Before making the decision to place your child up for adoption, we encourage you to talk to other family members, friends, professionals or other persons whose opinions you value. Just remember that – whatever decision you make – it is yours and yours alone.

If you have carefully considered all of your unplanned pregnancy options and still believe adoption is in the best interest of your child, ACF is ready to help.

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