ACF - Approved families Waiting To Adopt

Adoption is an unselfish choice that provides children with a happy, loving home. We want to help you find that happy, loving home for your child. That’s why we carefully screen and pre-approve prospective adoptive parents before we ever feature them on our website or introduce them to a birth mother. Prospective adoptive parents must have received a favorable home study* — a process that includes: Criminal and child abuse registry clearances, Personal references, Verification of their employment & income and an assessment that they are ready and able to properly parent a child.

Start your search for an approved, adoptive family by reading their heartfelt letters, below.

Nimah and Lora

Location: Boston, Massachusetts Relationship Status: Married Children: 1 Ethnicity: Lora (White), Nimah (White-Middle Eastern), Imani (African-American) Education: Lora (Masters Degree), Nimah (PhD) Job Description: Lora (Elementary School Teacher), Nimah (University Professor)

David and Kevin

FAMILY FACTS: Location: Orlando, FL Relationship Status: Married Children: None David Ethnicity: African-American Education: Some College Job Description: Workload and Staffing StatisticianKevin Ethnicity: Caucasian Education: Bachelor Degree Job Description: Community Association Operations Manager

Evan and Meg

FAMILY FACTS Location: Washington, D.C. Relationship Status: Married Children: One daughter: Freya, 15 months Ethnicity: Caucasian Education: Evan – Ph.D. and J.D.; Meg – Master’s of Arts Job Description:  Evan: Attorney; Meg – Charitable Foundation Manager

Cory and Rohini

FAMILY FACTS Location:  Wisconsin Relationship Status:  Married Children: Two daughters (Birthdates: 2007 & 2009) Ethnicity: Cory—Caucasian -Rohini–Indian (Asian) Education: Cory–Bachelors Degree – Rohini–Masters Degree Job Description: Cory–Business Owner in the liquid waste industry Rohini–Nurse Manager at a hospital

Sarah and Neil

FAMILY FACTS Location:  Toronto, Canada. Relationship Status:  Married. Children:  None. Ethnicity:   Caucasian Education:   Neil – Masters degree (Engineering);  Sarah – Bachelors degree (Fine Arts) Job Description:  Neil – Engineer/Chief Technical Officer;  Sarah – Television writer/Film Director


Location:  Alexandria, VA Relationship Status:  Single Children:  None Ethnicity: Caucasian (non-Hispanic) Education:  Masters Degree (Forensic Psychology) Job Description:  Analyst Supervisor (National Center for Missing and Exploited Children)

Rachel and BJ

FAMILY FACTS Location:  Alexandria, VA Relationship Status:  Married Children: Jacob, 2 1/2 years old Ethnicity: Rachel (Cuban American)  &  BJ (Italian American) Education: Both if us Have Bachelors….Rachel: Florida International University & BJ: Radford University Job Description:  BJ: News Photographer  & Rachel: Co-Working Community Manager


FAMILY FACTS Location: Tennessee Relationship Status: Single Children: None Ethnicity: Caucasian Education: Masters of Business Administration Job Description: Human Resources Director

Pablo and Andrea

FAMILY FACTS Location: Miami, FL Relationship Status: Married Children: no Ethnicity: White/Hispanic Education: University/ Master Job Description: Aviation Mechanic/Marketing

Adam and Shalom

FAMILY FACTS Location: Washington, DC Relationship Status: Married Children: Eliza, two years old Ethnicity: Caucasian Education:  Adam- Masters, Shalom- PhD Student Job Description: Adam- Rabbi (Jewish Clergy), Shalom- Stay at home dad/student Dear Birthparent, Thank you so much for taking the time to look at our book! We know this must be a very difficult decision […]

Bobby & Chris

FAMILY FACTS Location: Washington, DC Relationship Status: Married Children: None Ethnicity: Bobby (African American); Chris (Caucasian) Education: Bobby (Law Degree); Chris (Bachelor’s Degree) Job Description: Bobby (Attorney/Lobbyist); Chris (Business Owner)

Becca and Cassie

Location: Washington, DC Relationship Status: Married Children: none Ethnicity: White Education: Law School Job Description: We are both public interest lawyers

Jess & Matt

Location: Connecticut Relationship Status: Married Children: 0 Ethnicity: Caucasian Education: Matt: Master’s Degree Jess:  Bachelor’s Degree Job Description: Matt: Biomedical Engineer Jess: Cancer Research

Jaclyn and Warren

Location: Toronto Relationship Status: Married Children: None Ethnicity: Caucasian Education: Warren- Bachelors of Law, Jaclyn- Masters of Special Education Job Description: Warren-Lawyer, -Jaclyn Elementary School Teacher

Abby and John

FAMILY FACTS Location: Connecticut Relationship Status: Married for 8 years Children: 1 daughter Ethnicity: Abby -Caucasian. John -Caucasian Education: Abby -Bachelors Degree and Masters Degree. John -Bachelors degree Job Description: Abby -Stay at home mom. John -Executive

Melissa and Chris

FAMILY FACTS Location: Ontario, Canada Relationship Status: Married Children: None Ethnicity: Caucasian Education: Melissa – Bachelor of Applied Science (Engineering) Chris – Bachelor of Applied Science (Child Studies) Job Description: Melissa – Engineer Chris – Data Analyst


FAMILY FACTS: Location: Michigan Children: none Occupation: Nurse – Master’s Degree in Nursing Dear Expectant Parents, I want to start out by saying thank you for taking the time to look through my book, taking a glimpse into my life to learn a little about me. I have always dreamed of being a mom […]

Krystyne & Kevin

FAMILY FACTS Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada Relationship status: Married Children: No kids, two child-like dogs Ethnicity: Caucasian Education: University Degrees in Economics (Krystyne) and Finance (Kevin) Job Description: We both work in finance. Krystyne is involved with markets and investments, while Kevin is involved in overseeing that the rules and regulations are upheld.

Liz and Dan

FAMILY FACTS Location:  Massachusetts Relationship Status:  Married Children: None Ethnicity: White/Caucasian Education: Dan: bachelor’s degree; Liz: law school degree Job Description: Dan: communications assistant director; Liz: attorney