ACF+ Adoption Program

Making the decision to place your child for adoption is incredibly personal and complex, especially when your child has significant medical needs. We understand that you might feel overwhelmed, emotional, and uncertain about the future. Our goal is to provide you with clear, compassionate information to help you navigate this journey.

Medically complex adoption involves placing a child with medical needs—whether those are due to a chronic illness, genetic condition, congenital issue, premature/traumatic birth, or other health challenges—with a family equipped to provide the specialized care they require. These adoptive families have the resources, training, and support necessary to meet your child’s unique needs and are hoping to be selected as adoptive parents.

We know this is a difficult time. It’s normal to feel a range of emotions, from sadness and anxiety to hope and relief. We are here to support you, offering a safe space to express your feelings and helping you find the strength to make the best decision for you and your child. Exploring an adoption plan for your medically complex child can be a valid choice, no matter your circumstances.

Many children with medical complexities have found loving, supportive homes through adoption. These families have not only provided the necessary medical care but have also showered their children with love, opportunities, and a sense of belonging. Knowing that your child is thriving in a nurturing environment can bring you peace of mind.

ACF+ is a nationwide program focused on enabling birth parents to arrange the adoption of children with medical complexities and/or special needs and finding safe, healthy, and nurturing homes for these children who have these specific needs. The “+” in ACF+ symbolizes the additional care recognized as essential for medically complex families to support their children’s well-being and allow them to thrive.

Placing my medically complex child for adoption

How to find out if my child has specific needs

Your obstetrician-gynaecologist (OBGYN) is typically the primary healthcare professional to communicate any concerns about your baby’s health. Various tests conducted during the early stages of pregnancy can detect physical disabilities and genetic or chromosomal abnormalities.

As a prospective birth mother considering adoption, if you receive news of a physical or genetic abnormality, please know that loving families are praying and waiting to adopt a child with special needs, regardless of the diagnosis. An adoption professional can work closely with you to create an adoption plan and find the best possible family for your child.

ACF+ is always looking for loving families, specifically looking to adopt children who are medically complex or who have extra needs.

Adopting a child with specific needs

Adopting a child with specific needs is a challenging yet incredibly rewarding journey, and many adoptive parents express that the process of finding and welcoming their child into their lives felt like destiny. It’s important to be fully prepared for the financial responsibilities that come with caring for a child with special needs. Your child’s health and well-being are closely tied to your well-being and ability to provide care. Before the placement, it’s essential to have open discussions with our ACF+ case worker to understand the kind of care and support a child may require.

Adopting a child with specific needs
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