Is Adoption Still An Option?

It is a misconception that voluntary adoption is only an option for pregnant women. If you are questioning your ability to continue parenting your infant, toddler, or young child there is help available.

If you are feeling that parenting your newborn or young child is not the right option for you or you feel in your heart that another family is right for your child, you have several options:

We can help you develop an adoption plan. You can pick a family, meet them in advance of placement, have an open or closed adoption, and have the assurance that your baby’s needs are being met and will have a solid future.

It is ok to ask questions. We are here to help.

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If Child Protective Services are involved, you may still have the right to enter a voluntary adoption plan. If you make a voluntary adoption plan, your baby does not go to Foster Care. A voluntary adoption plan allows you to select and meet the adoptive parents, and choose an open or closed adoption.


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Unplanned Pregnancy? You Have Options.

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