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ACF can provide you with a plan – and peace of mind

If you are pregnant and thinking about adoption, we understand the fear and anxiety you may be feeling. Chances are emotions have the best of you right now. It’s hard to think clearly and make decisions. Who can you trust? Where do you turn?

You can turn to the caring staff at ACF Adoptions for accurate information and support. ACF is a licensed, private adoption agency providing quality adoption services to women with unplanned pregnancies since 1992.

ACF gives personal attention to women who care deeply about their newborn infant and choose to make this unselfish decision.

We’re here to help you explore all of your options and provide you with the adoption help you need before and after the birth of your baby.

A Team of Experts You Can Trust

Our dedicated staff includes licensed mental health adoption counselors and adoption lawyers who specialize in newborn adoption and are ready to guide you through each step of the adoption process. We are here to listen, not to judge. We’ll help you take stock of your situation, organize your thoughts and feelings and make the best choice for yourself and your baby.


What to Expect From ACF

Talking to our adoption attorneys or adoption counselors does not obligate you in any way to place your baby for adoption. You have rights under the law and ACF will explain those rights to you so that you can make an informed decision about what is best for you and your baby. You may also text us anytime at (954) 540-2383.

Also, when you work with ACF, you do not have to pay any fees related to the adoption. We can even arrange to meet you at a location most convenient for you. If you live in the Miami-area or would like to visit our offices, you are also welcome to stop by to meet our staff in-person.

Developing An Adoption Plan

An adoption plan is such a personal decision – a decision only you can make for yourself and your baby. Do not allow anyone to pressure you. Before taking your consent for adoption we will confirm that no one has threatened, bullied or intimidated you in any way to place your baby for adoption. Your consent for adoption must be freely and voluntarily given.

If your baby is already born, we can still help you find a loving adoptive family. ACF has many Pre-Approved Waiting Families who are anxious to provide a loving home for your baby. You can still meet the family and receive photos and letters, if you desire. If you would like to learn more about the choice of adoption, call us today to speak with a caring counselor at 800-348-0467, or send us an email.


Free Adoption Resources

ACF provides free adoption information and answers to commonly asked questions about adoption.

See our Q & A page here.

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