Birth Parent Testimonials


Hello! My name is Nicole. ACF adoptions and Stacy Levine (my social worker) are total life savers! From the day they rescued me from homelessness to this day still sharing on progress in my life, they have been so caring and considerate treating me with the utmost dignity and respect and above all loving kindness. I feel like family. They really went the extra miles to make sure me and baby got everything we needed and more to have a safe and happy pregnancy. They took such care of us. I am absolutely in love with the family I chose and I can rest easy knowing I made the right decision for us. They worked very closely with me every step of the way. Thank you ACF Adoptions for this experience which couldn’t have been any better. I’m grateful your in the world and I would recommend you to anyone who got pregnant and considering adoption by either placing a baby or a family looking to adopt. Thank you so much!

- Nicole

This is the best adoption agency ever. They cry with you, laugh with you, share sorrow with you and they also treat you like family! I give them a ten star.

- Julie

Dear ACF,

I just wanted to say thanks for all of your help with everything. This was the hardest decision I have made in my life. Your kindness and understanding made the process much easier for me. I am still healing and mourning and appreciate you giving me the space I needed to do so. I truly appreciate your efforts. I will never forget any of you ladies.

- Chandra

My room is full of my baby girl’s pictures and I look at them and watch patiently how she is growing and how happy she is. I have a five-year-old daughter who understands that her sister lives far away. I know that my baby has the best of worlds, a mother and a father who will cherish her as their own. I was very blessed in the decision I made. Even though some don’t understand why I made adoption my decision, most of my family supports it. I love my baby girl and I am very blessed that the parents send me pictures and updates on how my child is growing into a beautiful, intelligent, healthy, adorable young woman, and her parents are young, vibrant, energetic, caring and most of all loving. God loves us very much and he blessed your life and your child. Adoption is a gift received, not taken away.

Remember you are not alone.


- Penelope

Claudia My name is Claudia.   In 2008 I was struggling and homeless.  I was staying in a shelter along with two of my four daughters in South Florida.   I felt so bad not being able to provide a home for my children and their father was not helping me.   Finding out I was pregnant again was so difficult.   Finding out the baby was a boy (the son I had always dreamed of) was exciting but also heartbreaking because I did not want to bring another child into the world when I could not provide.  I felt desperate.

One day I met a woman in the shelter who told me about ACF Adoptions and how they helped her find a family to love and take care of her child.   She said the people at the adoption agency treated her with respect.   I called the agency and immediately felt comfortable with the people I met.   I remember Stacey and Ginger and Nika – a beautiful group of women who helped me with my adoption plan.   I picked a family from Paris, France to raise my son.   I got to meet them because they traveled here to adopt him right after he was born!   They were so happy and I could see they fell in love with him right away. I know my son is loved and he has a great life because the family sends me pictures and letters so I know about his school, his friends and all the fun activities he is involved in.

Although adoption is not easy I am positive I made the right choice.  ACF Adoptions have always been there for me since the adoption if I had questions or needed some emotional support.  My son is now 13 years old and doing well.   He is happy, healthy and loved.

- Claudia Testimonial

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