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A How-to Guide for Placing Your Newborn for Adoption

Are you considering placing your newborn for adoption in Florida? Your body and mind will be going through a lot many changes post-delivery. This situation is overwhelming and even harder when you are not ready to parent a child. You might even feel helpless.

Do not worry! ACF Adoptions can help you process your emotions and give you control of your life. We are a 30 years old, local, licensed adoption agency in Florida that helps you create the best life for you and your newborn.

How ACF Adoptions Guide You for Placing Your Newborn for Adoption?

  • If you call us in the last trimester of your pregnancy or after the child is born, you will have the same options as other birth mothers. You can easily make a last-minute adoption plan with ACF Adoptions, as our experienced adoption experts guide you to arrange everything. We’ll always ensure the best for you and your newborn.
  • Our team will guide you through the adoption process; our services are 100% secured and free of charge for birth mothers.
  • As a mother, you can still get a chance to select the adoptive parents. Depending on the adoption plan (open, semi-open, and closed adoption), you can meet with adoptive family members before placement.
  • We encourage our birth mothers to select an adoption plan to get financial assistance with rent, utilities, food, transportation, maternity clothes, medical care, and other expenses up to six—weeks post-birth.
  • Every situation is different, but as a birth mother, you can receive post-adoption counseling from us.

Have Questions? Need More Information? Contact Us

We know how emotional it can be when you consider placing your baby for adoption. It takes immense courage to place your child up for adoption. At ACF Adoptions, we will make sure that you have all of the important resources in your journey. We have offices in Miami and Jacksonville. So, if you want to meet with our team members, you can step into our offices. Else, we are available over call and text 24/7, 365 days a year. Contact us today for more information.

Call: 305-419- 3439 OR 1-800-348-0467

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