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January 25, 2023 Adoption / Adoption Applicants / adoption for my newborn / Adoption process / Give a baby up for adoption / local adoption agency

Are There Any Trustworthy Open Adoption Agencies Near Me?

Are there any open adoption agencies near me as I plan to put my child up for adoption? The whole concept of adoption is new to me. Through Google research, I learned that open adoption is very popular among mothers. Because one can still be in touch with her child after adoption. I want to contact a local adoption agency in Florida that can guide me in making an open adoption plan for my baby.

We are here to help you. As a licensed and trusted adoption agency since 1992, ACF Adoptions can help you make an open adoption plan that works best for you and your baby.

How to Select the Right Adoption Agency?

At ACF Adoptions, we offer legal and social services to birth mothers throughout Florida. Our utmost priority is helping the pregnant mother provide the best life for her child. Putting people before the process allows us to give our birth mothers more autonomy than other adoption agencies in Florida.

The adoption process might feel a bit lengthy and time taking. But our dedicated and caring staff will work around the clock for you so that you can think about yourself and your child. We will empower you to choose the right adoption plan.

The dedicated adoption professional will walk you through the open adoption process. You will get help and guidance to find the best, happy, and most loving home for your child. We carefully screen and evaluate prospective adoptive parents before we feature them on our website or introduce them to a birth mother.

As a mother, only you can decide which adoptive family will be the right choice for your child. Our adoption staff can help you select the right adoptive family, but the final choice resides with you.

With ACF, you will have your attorney protect your rights at no cost to you.

If you are coping with an unplanned pregnancy or not in a situation to parent your newborn baby, our Florida adoption agency can help you with services such as:

  • FREE Adoption Counseling
  • Financial Assistance with Living and Medical Expenses
  • Help you Find and Choose the Right Adoptive Parents

Contact ACF Adoptions Today

Thinking about putting your child up for adoption? Contact ACF Adoptions today. No matter which adoption plan you select, we’ll help you complete the adoption process as fast as possible. Whatever we’ll discuss will be confidential and 100% free of charge.

Call: 305-653-2474 or 800-348-0467

Text: 954- 540-2383

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