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Are You Considering an Open Adoption in Jacksonville?

If you have been searching for information on how to give your child up for adoption, we want you to know you are not alone. For years people have said “giving up my baby for adoption” or “putting my baby up for adoption”, but our team doesn’t see you as someone who is “giving up”.  The parents we have worked with consider many factors, they put the needs of their child first, and they create an adoption plan for their child.

While creating an adoption plan, it is important to consider the benefits of open adoption.

In an open adoption, the birth family and adoptive family establish a relationship focused on the best interest of the child. The expectations of the relationship between the birth family and adoptive family are generally established and agreed upon prior to the child being placed in the care of the adoptive parents. As a pregnant mother making an adoption plan, you will be asked to describe your expectations for the open adoption relationship. Openness can range from the following:

  1. Adoptive Parents upload Photos and Letters at regular intervals to ChildConnect, a private online portal, which birth parents can access at anytime.
  2. Birth Parents and Adoptive Parents communicate directly through emails, text messages, and/or phone calls.
  3. Birth Parents and Adoptive Parents visit in-person.
  4. Other biological family members (grandparents, siblings) of the adopted child may be included in any of the above.

Benefits of Open Adoption

The Answers to All Questions

Most adopted children have questions and they often want to know, “Why was I placed for adoption?” When children grow up in an open adoption, knowing their birth parent, these questions can be answered accurately.

Bigger Circle of Family

The hope with open adoptions, is the child has a larger family support system, that includes both their biological and adoptive families.

Access to Medical Information

It can be extremely difficult for individuals to not have access to basic information about their biological medical and mental health. In open adoptions, there can be free flowing information allowing all parties to be aware of potential medical and mental health risks.

No Need for Adoption Search

An adopted child in open adoption will know their biological family, and not need to endure the painful process of searching for them.

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