July 12, 2019 Birth Mothers

Can I Call an adoption agency from the Hospital OR After Giving Birth?

You might wonder: Can I call the adoption agency from the hospital or after I am home with my baby?  The answer is: Yes.

Some women may call when they are arriving at the hospital and/or after discussing their adoption plan with the hospital social worker. Other times they call weeks or months after having the baby and this is fine too. You will absolutely have the same attention, rights and free adoption help from adoption professionals if you call us while at the hospital or after being home with your baby.  In “last minute cases” we work with you depending where you are and how you want the adoption plan to go. Each adoption is unique and provide guidance from beginning to end, to ensure you have the best possible experience. We will always go at your pace and allow you to take the time you need.

If you decide to place your baby up for adoptionwhile at the hospital or after birth, these are the steps:

 1: Contact us at 800-348-0467and we will send an adoption specialist to meet with you in person whether you are in the hospital or at home with your baby.  We will complete the necessary social and medical history forms.  We will also discuss your preferences for an adoptive family and your personal needs.

2: Your adoption specialist will return with adoptive parent’s profiles and will coordinate the legal procedure with you for the signing of your voluntary consent for adoption.  –No worries…you will never have to appear in court or attend any hearings. The adoption lawyer with the agency does that.

3: You can speak with the selected adoptive parents right away and before you sign the consent for adoption if so you desire.

4: After you sign the adoption consent/documents with the assistance of the agency’s adoption lawyerand your adoption specialist, the baby will be legally placed with the adoptive family you chose.

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