December 10, 2019 Birth Mothers

Can I Make An Adoption Plan For My Baby, Even If I Don’t Know Who The Birth Father is?

Yes, if you’re considering placing a baby for adoption in Florida, and you’re not sure who the birth father is or you don’t know much about this person, you can still make an adoption plan.

At ACF Adoptions, all we ask is that our birth mothers be completely honest with us regarding any information on the birth father. Legally, he has rights to the baby – just like you, the birth mother. So, in order to ensure that the adoption is legally binding, we have to address the birth father. This helps avoid any legal issues that may occur down the road.

The first thing that ACF Adoptions will do is to try to locate the birth father. Legally, if we make an attempt to reach the birth father, but can’t find him, then no further action is required. However, if we do make contact, we will advise him of your adoption plan. If he is in agreement, he will then sign the Affidavit of Nonpaternity in Lieu of Consent. At this point, there will be no further involvement required of him.

If we make contact with the birth father and he refuses to meet us or is not in agreement with the adoption plan, he will be served with a Notice of Intended Adoption Plan. This document advises him of what legal actions he must take to protect any interest he may have in retaining his parental rights. Once he has been served this document, he has 30 days to respond.  Depending on his response there are a variety of actions that may happen which we will discuss with you in detail.  We can move forward with terminating his rights after you sign the voluntary adoption consent documents.

If you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy in Florida and you’re not sure what to do, ACF Adoptions is here to help. We can answer any questions you may have about adoption and get you connected with the resources you need at this time.

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