June 24, 2020 Birth Mothers

Can I make an adoption plan for my unborn baby while I am incarcerated in a Florida jail or prison?

The answer is YES!  Being pregnant while you are incarcerated in a Florida jail or prison is not an uncommon situation and it is important for you to understand your options. Creating an adoption plan is one of them if you are considering placing your baby for adoption. ACF Adoptions is a private adoption agency in Florida and we are here to help you understand your options so you can make the best choice for you and your baby.

If you anticipate giving birth while incarcerated in a Florida jail or prison, it is a good idea to explore your options before you are incarcerated if possible. If not, no worries. You can come forward to do a private adoption at any time.

Once you are in a Florida prison or jail, the information and resources available to you for making the best decision may be limited. We encourage you to contact ACF Adoptions so you can speak confidentially with a counselor and get the information you need. Please contact us at 305-653-2474 or 800-348-0467 or on our website:  www.adoptionflorida.org or www.acfadoptions.org. Our adoption counselors and professionals are available 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

Please know that doing a private adoption is always a legal option in Florida when completed properly no matter what the birth mother’s situation.  ACF Adoptions has lawyers, counselors, social workers and caseworkers to help you with your adoption plan.

You may be wondering:

-Do I still have legal rights to my baby while incarcerated?

– Do I get to pick the adoptive family if I make an adoption plan?

– Is it possible for an adoptive family to adopt my child while I am in a Florida jail or prison right after birth?

– Do I get to have contact with the adoptive family if I choose adoption while incarcerated in Florida?

– Can I receive living expense assistance if I make an adoption plan while in a Florida jail or prison?

The answer to all the above is YES!!!  The process will be a little different if you are or preparing to be incarcerated in a prison/jail because we will have to tailor your plan to follow the rules of the particular jail or prison you are in or will be in but it is possible and we will be with you every step of the way. You will be able to receive some assistance for commissary during your pregnancy and for 6 weeks after baby is born if you make an adoption plan. This will allow you to purchase extra food, toiletries, stamps, writing materials and other items allowed from commissary.

Adoption is a loving, well thought out plan you make for your child. Adoption is private whether you are incarcerated or not and is always confidential. All services ACF Adoptions provides is at NO cost to you. You will be assigned your own social worker/case worker and an attorney to ensure you are supported and well informed of your rights and the adoption legal process. You will also be able to review adoptive family profiles of approved waiting families so you can select the family you feel most comfortable with to adopt your child. You would also be able to receive pictures and updates about the child from the adoptive family while in jail and after until the child turns 18.

If you are in or are preparing to be incarcerated in a Florida jail or prison, please call us anytime at 305-653-2474 or 800-348-0467  to speak confidentially with one of our counselors or Text us at 954-540-2383

You may also reach us on our website:  www.adoptionflorida.org  or www.acfadoptions.org. We are here to help you understand your options and help you navigate through the Florida adoption process. If you are not able to contact us on your own, you should have a social worker while incarcerated who can help you contact us.



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