July 12, 2019 Birth Mothers

Can I place my newborn baby for adoption after birth?  

Placing a baby for adoption is never an easy decision and sometimes women wait till the end of the pregnancy to make a final decision. Sometimes they call after the baby is born and that’s okay too.  This is often referred to as a “last minute case” and there is no specific good or bad timing to make the call to give your baby up for adoption.  ACF Adoptionsis always here to help.

Women call at any stage of the pregnancy.  Many times, waiting till the end of your pregnancy or after the baby is born,is the best option to place your baby since you have had the entire pregnancy to consider all your options and you have really given it a lot of thought, taking into consideration all your alternatives. This is truly a personal choice.

When you choose adoption, you are making a responsible and educated decision to give your baby a better life so that he or she can have everything that you are unable to provide at this point in your life.

Following, read more about how to place your baby for adoption after birth, even “after taking him or her home”.

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