July 27, 2022 Birth Mothers

Everything You Need To Know About The Birth Mother Benefits In Florida

Are you pregnant and considering placing your child for adoption? We can understand how overwhelming it feels when you come to know about an unplanned pregnancy. One of your questions may be — if I choose adoption, what are the birth mother benefits available to me? ACF Adoptions is here for you! Our caring and compassionate staff at ACF Adoptions can guide you with accurate information and support. 

Birth Mother Benefits in Florida 

When your pregnancy is unplanned, it is less likely that you are financially prepared for potential costs related to your pregnancy and day-to-day expenses. You might be thinking about how to pay your medical bills, housing, rent, maternity clothes, and other costs associated with this pregnancy. Do not worry; ACF Adoptions is here. We are a team of adoption experts you can trust. 

ACF adoptions can provide you with:

·    Free counseling as long as you need it

·    Financial help to cover costs like rent, utility bills, maternity clothes

·    Medical expenses

·    Housing arrangements

·    Transportation and 

·    Other miscellaneous expenses during your pregnancy and up to six weeks post-birth. 

Each adoption plan is unique. We empower you to make a personalized adoption plan and choose the best adoptive family that meets your and your baby’s needs.

Why ACF Adoptions?

ACF is a licensed and trusted private adoption agency in Florida, providing quality adoption services to women with unplanned pregnancies since 1992. We give personal attention to women who choose to make this selfless decision of making an adoption plan for their baby. Our adoption staff includes licensed mental health adoption counselors and lawyers who specialize in newborn adoption and are ready to guide you through each step of the adoption process in Florida.

Talking to our adoption attorneys or counselors does not obligate you to place your baby for adoption. 

Call today at 305-653-2474 or 800-348-0467, or text us at 954-540-2383. It is 100% free and confidential.

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