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Frequently Asked Questions – Choosing an Adoptive Family

Common Questions From Pregnant Mom Considering Giving up Baby for Adoption in Florida

 “I’m considering giving up my baby for adoption in Florida. Do I get to Choose the Adoptive Family?”

This is a great question and the answer is a big, “YES!” With ACF Adoptions, an adoption agency in Florida, you are always in the driver’s seat. When you’re creating an adoption plan, feel free to share with us the type of family that you’d like to have raise your baby.

ACF adoption is located in Florida and has helped women make an adoption plan in South Florida, Central Florida and North Florida for over 20 years. We pride ourselves on having a diverse group of families who are just waiting and hoping to adopt. We have single parents, traditional and/or same-sex couples.  Our waiting adoptive families are located in Florida, throughout the USA and we even have some that live outside the country…mostly in Canada. Some have biological and/or adopted children already, some do not. They are of all different backgrounds and it’s your decision which one you are matched with. We also have some families who specifically come forward to adopt a baby with special needs, such as babies diagnosed with Down syndrome.

“How does choosing an adoptive family actually work?

Throughout the process, you will be working with very knowledgeable ACF adoption professionals and adoption specialists. They will work directly with you to find an adoptive family that fits your preferred criteria. Since we have an in-house Waiting Families to Adopt list, its super quick and easy for us to find families for you to consider. We don’t just offer you 1 or 2 families to consider…we offer many more to make sure you have options. This is super important to us!

Once we’ve identified a number of families that fit what you’re looking for, we’ll provide you with their profile books, so that you can learn more about them. Each family has taken their time and put a lot of effort into their adoption profiles; giving you a good sense of who they are and the life they can provide your child. We want you to feel comfortable with the family and choose the one you feel most connect to. I always tell our moms, go with and trust your gut!

And don’t worry…all of the families have been thoroughly screened and are ready to adopt!

Now you may be wondering…what happens after I choose a family?

Another great question! Our adoption professionals/specialists will review with you in detail the three different types of adoption: open adoption, semi-open adoption, and closed adoption. It’s completely up to you on how much contact, if any, you’d like to have with the adoptive family before giving birth and after birth.

We can set up contact between you and the family for 18 years. Yes, you read that correctly, 18 years! Contact typically takes place on a personal, online portal (kind of like a Facebook page) which only you and the adoptive family only will have access to. Annual visits are also quite common too and can be discussed if you wish. Once again, you are in the driver’s seat and we go at your speed.

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