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How to Give Your Baby Up for Open Adoption in Miami?

The words “open adoption” can sound scary if you are planning to place your baby for adoption. However, it doesn’t have to be something to worry about. Taking the time to understand the purpose and benefits of open adoption in Miami may help you feel more comfortable with it.

ACF Adoptions is a non-profit, licensed adoption agency that has been helping pregnant moms in Miami and throughout Florida for over 30 years. We believe in listening to their unique pregnancy journey to help them decide if adoption is the best choice for them and their baby.

Many birth mothers who give their babies up for adoption do not know what steps to take or how the adoption process works. We can help them decide if they want to have an adoption where they can keep in touch with the baby’s family a lot or a little bit.

At ACF, we believe it’s really important for kids to feel loved. We support open and semi-open adoption, which means that birth parents can stay in contact with the adoptive family if they want to. This helps the child feel like they have two sets of parents who love them.

Steps to Put Your Child Up for Open Adoption

Contact an Adoption Agency

We can understand your fear and anxiety before placing your child for adoption. First, you need to contact a private adoption agency like us in Miami, Florida. Our caring and experienced staff will help you understand how the adoption process works.

Make an Adoption Plan

Every pregnancy is different, and so is the journey of adoption. That’s why having the right adoption plan matters for you and your child. Our experienced adoption professional can help you create an ideal adoption plan.

Making an open adoption plan is a highly personal decision only you can make. Whether through phone calls, emails, texts, photos, or even in-person visits – you will know your baby is being cared for and loved.

Select an Adoptive Family

As a birth mother, one of the most important choices is choosing the right family to adopt your child. ACF Adoptions can help you choose the adoptive family that matches your preferences. You can select the best family from the list of pre-screened adoptive parents available on our website. Based on your plan type, you can even meet the family to know them better.

Place Baby with the Family

Once you deliver your child, your adoption attorney and the caseworker will help you complete the adoption process. Based on your adoption plan (open and semi-open), you can still stay in touch with the adoptive parents and your child.

Post-Adoption Counseling

As a birth mother, you may find it challenging to go back to the routine before pregnancy. Our post-adoption counseling sessions help you to get back on track and move forward in your life. Like other services, these Post-adoption counseling sessions are FREE of CHARGE.

Need Help with Open Adoption in Miami? Contact ACF Adoptions

Are you planning to give your child up for open adoption in Miami? Contact us today. Our team of experts can guide you 24/7, 365 days a year.

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