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I Am Pregnant And Considering Adoption For My Baby. How Should I Proceed?

Are you pregnant and considering adoption in Florida? If you have just found out that you are pregnant or if you are in your last trimester- placing your child for adoption is an option. It is a loving choice for birth mothers who cannot parent their children due to several circumstances.

You can make an adoption plan with the help of a Florida-based licensed adoption agency like ACF Adoptions. Remember, you do not have to go through the adoption journey alone. Our experienced adoption professionals are ready to guide you from pre-adoption counseling to your post-adoption journey.

This guide will outline how to start your adoption journey in Florida with ACF Adoption.

Find out a Licensed Adoption Agency in Florida

You might be going through a stressful situation while considering putting up your child for adoption. There must be multiple questions coming to your mind. Contact us to learn more about the adoption process. Our team of licensed mental health adoption counselors and adoption lawyers is here to help you.

Make an Adoption Plan

Only a birth mother knows what is best for her child and can create an adoption plan for her child. Every birth mother’s story is unique so having a customized adoption plan allows birth mothers to ensure a positive life for their children. There are three types of adoption plans are available for expectant mothers to choose from (open adoption, closed adoption, and semi-open adoption). Our experienced adoption professional will help you choose the best adoption plan depending on your preferences.

Select the Best Adoptive Family

Another crucial factor for the birth mother is to select the right adoptive family for her child. As a licensed adoption agency, ACF can help you find a loving adoptive family. We have a long list of prospective adoptive parents. All are screened, pre-approved, and anxiously waiting to grow their family. Once we understand what you’d like to see in the adoptive families, we’ll provide you with a variety of adoption profiles that are as close to your preferences as possible.

Put up your Baby for Adoption

You get the time to decide if you are going to put your child up for adoption until you sign the adoption consent forms. According to Florida law, the final legal adoption consent can be signed any time after 48 hours of the birth of your baby. Call ACF to understand more about the process.

Feel free to call or text us at any time. ACF can help you get started with the adoption process. You will have a social worker for support and your own attorney to protect your rights at no cost to you.

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