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I am Pregnant and Planning to Place My Child for Adoption. Help Me to Explore Pregnancy Adoption Options.

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy or know someone who is going through a similar situation, we at ACF Adoptions can help you to explore pregnancy adoption options.

There are a few  alternatives available.

  • Parenting the child
  • Placing the Child in Foster Care
  • Choosing adoption for your child

As a mother, it is vital for you to be fully informed to understand the best option for you and your child. ACF Adoptions is here to guide you so that you can understand all pregnancy adoption options. Contacting us will not obligate you to place your child for adoption. No matter your decision, we’ll be happy to help you.

Our experienced and licensed adoption professionals can assist you in selecting the best adoptive family and creating a customized adoption plan. You can also get financial help such as rent, food, utilities, maternity clothing, transportation, and medical care during your pregnancy and up to six weeks post-delivery.

Remember, whatever your situation is, and whichever direction you are moving forward, we are here for you and your child.

If you plan to place your child up for adoption, we can walk you through the entire process. It will give you a clear idea about how to create an adoption plan for your baby. You can choose a semi-open, open, or closed adoption in Florida.

Each adoption plan is unique. We are here to help you explore your options and create an adoption plan that meets the need of you and your child. Depending on the type of plan, you can continue communicating with the family and child after adoption.

Explore Pregnancy Adoption Options with ACF Adoptions

The adoption journey may be unexpected, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. The most trusted adoption agency in Florida, ACF Adoptions, is here 24/7, 365 days, to counsel and support you through this challenging phase. Call us today. It is 100% free and confidential.

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