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I just delivered. Can ACF Adoptions Help Me with the Newborn Adoption Process?

Have you just given birth but are not in a situation to parent your newborn? Adoption for your baby is still an option for you. Holding your baby in your arms makes you emotional, but what about the future of your baby? Placing your newborn for adoption can help you and your child. It is a positive choice. You can move forward knowing your child is in a safe home with a loving family.

You are not giving up your newborn because adoption is an act of love. You are helping a couple to start or grow their family. Even after placing your child in adoption, you can still get an update about your baby. You can always make a positive plan for yourself and for your newborn.

Place Your Newborn Up for Adoption with ACF Adoptions

As a licensed, trustworthy private adoption agency in Florida, ACF Adoptions can help you explore your options.

Our experienced and licensed adoption professionals can meet you to discuss your options and help you choose the perfect family to adopt and raise your child. If you are not comfortable meeting us, we can also discuss this over the phone. Working with agencies like ACF is the best way to ensure your adoption plan is safe, legal, and in the best interests of you and your baby.

Your adoption social worker can guide you through the adoption process. Our services are free of charge for you. Contacting our office never obligates you to choose adoption. Once you have decided to put your child up for adoption, our adoption professionals will start the preliminary paperwork.

Depending upon the type of your adoption plan (open, semi-open, or closed), you can choose to meet our pre-screened adoptive family members. It may help you to be confident that you are making the right choice for your child.

After choosing the right adoptive family for your child, the next step is to complete the final adoption paperwork. We will prepare the legal papers and handle all the legalities involved with your adoption.

Once the adoption process is complete, you may need some time to get back to the previous schedule. Our post-adoption counseling sessions will help you get back to life before pregnancy.

Do you still have doubts and concerns about the newborn adoption process? We are here to help. So, contact us today for more information.

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