August 13, 2019 Birth Mothers

Let’s Talk About Open Adoption

Are there any Benefits of an Open Adoption?

The most obvious benefit of open adoption is that “goodbye,” is not forever. It’s more like “see you later!”

When you place a baby for adoption and chose an open or semi-open adoption you will be able to stay in touch with the adoptive family and enjoy/witness milestones firsthand, like when your baby learns to eat with a spoon or learns to walk and talk. Whether it is through phone calls, emails, texts, photo updates or even in-person visits – you will know your baby is being cared for and loved. ACF Adoptions promotes semi-open and open adoptions.

Another benefit of open adoption, which is sometimes overlooked, is the relationship you may create with the adoptive parents. Many birth mothers do not expect it, but sometimes you and the adoptive parents can become real friends. This relationship can strengthen your confidence in your choice to make an open adoption plan. The more you get to know the adoptive parents, the better you will feel about them adopting your baby.

Open adoption also benefits the child. As he or she grows up, they will have questions about their story. Adoptive parents are encouraged to be open and honest with the child about the adoption from a very early age. They will frame it as a positive experience and something the child should be proud of. The child will know about his or her birth parents and how much they loved him/her. They will also learn that the open adoption plan was made out of pure love and how you brought them together to be a family. As the child grows and forms a sense of identity, they will know they are loved by their adoptive parents, as well as their birth parents.

If you are considering adoption, you should speak to an adoption counselor from an adoption agency who will explain your options, including open adoption, free adoption help, newborn adoption and choosing the right family for your baby. ACF Adoptions is available to explain all this and answer your questions regarding adoption in Florida.

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