August 27, 2019 Birth Mothers

Placing Baby for Adoption but Unsure if I Want Contact with the Adoptive Family

Placing baby for adoption but unsure if I want contact with the adoptive family…

Many of the moms who contact ACF Adoptions with questions about “giving a baby up for adoption,” often wonder about the type of contact they can/will have with the adoptive family they choose during their unplanned pregnancy. Because we strive to ensure that the birth mothers we work with are comfortable, YOU are able to determine the type of contact you’ll have with the adoptive family. Whether it be an open adoption plan, semi-open or closed adoption plan, that choice is up to you and you only.

Some birth mothers want to have direct contact with the adoptive family during their pregnancy and after their pregnancy. Some birth mothers feel more comfortable having their adoption social worker be the primary connection between her and the family.

For those who choose to connect with the adoptive families directly, contact can be made either by text or phone calls. It could also include video calls. It all depends on your level of comfort.

In the end, you will decide how involved the adoptive family is throughout the adoption process, including when you go to the hospital to give birth. ACF Adoptions wants you to feel comfortable at every step in your adoption plan as we know just how difficult placing your baby for adoption can be. You will never be forced to engage in any contact or communication that you do not want. We always follow your lead.

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