November 19, 2020 Birth Mothers

With a private adoption in Florida or Alabama, where do Adoptive Families Come From?

All over!! ACF Adoptions has a waiting list of adoptive families who live within the United States and some who reside in other countries such as Canada.

As you begin to learn about what a private adoption in Florida or Alabama looks likes, rest assure knowing that all ACF Adoptions’ adoptive families go through a very thorough screening process. That process includes multiple interviews to ensure that they are ready – both emotionally and financially – to become adoptive parents. The approved adoptive families will complete local, state, medical and FBI background screenings. ACF Adoptions interviews everyone in the household and require character references to get a better sense of who they are. The adoptive families have also completed focused adoption trainings to help them better understand private adoptions. ACF Adoptions works closely with all adoptive families to make sure that they are prepared and understand fully what it means to be an adoptive parent and how important your decision to place your baby for adoption is!

After the screening process and interviews are completed, ACF Adoptions will review all documents necessary and make a final recommendation as to the family’s ability to become a waiting adoptive family with ACF Adoptions. Those who are approved will be presented to birth parents who come forward to do a private adoption in Alabama or a private adoption in Florida.

Each adoptive family is unique in their own way! We have a diverse group of adoptive waiting families. Some are married couples, single parents, some have children (adopted or biological) and come from various backgrounds.

Each adoptive family creates an adoption profile book, which will be shared with any birth mothers/parents exploring and coming forward to place their baby for adoption. Birth mothers/parents share with ACF Adoptions the type of adoptive family they hope for and ACF Adoptions will in turn provide them with a few adoptive families to choose from. The birth mother/parents choose the adoptive family and decide how much contact they wish to have with them during your pregnancy, after birth and for the next 18 years. Feel free to check out some of ACF Adoptions’ waiting families featured here.  We have other adoptive families who are waiting that are not featured as well. Reach out to us anytime 24/7 to explore further.

All of ACF Adoptions’ waiting adoptive families are eager to meet you (if you want to meet them that is) and share in your private adoption planning process.

You can reach us at: (305) 653-2474 or (800) 348-0467. We’re here for you 24/7, 365 days a year. We are here to help.

Call us Now 800-348-0467. We’re here for you 24/7, 365 days a year.

Lynn- 11/18/20

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