July 17, 2020 Birth Mothers

This is an unplanned pregnancy and I have not had any prenatal care. Can I still make an adoption plan to place my baby for adoption?

ACF Adoptions will help you even if you have not had any prenatal care. ACF Adoptions helps women considering a private adoption in many different situations all over Florida.

There are many reasons women do not receive prenatal care. Here are a few we have come across:

-Transportation is an issue and some women do not have a way to get to their doctor’s appointments

-Having medical/health insurance and/or have not been able to get approved for Florida Medicaid

-Some women are not aware or realize they are pregnant until late into the pregnancy.

-Some women feel overwhelmed and are having a hard time wrapping their heads around the pregnancy. This can affect them where they struggle with their motivation begin the process of getting insurance and/or go to the doctor

-We also have seen some women who need to hide the pregnancy from family and friends so going to doctor appointments can be very difficult.

-Some women are struggling with addiction and are afraid to go to the doctor because they think they may get into trouble

-Some women are in fear that they could be deported due to their immigration status in the United States if they go to a hospital

Whatever the reason you may not have received any prenatal care, ACF Adoptions in Florida will not only  help you make a private, confidential adoption plan but will also help you obtain Florida Medicaid insurance and provide transportation assistance to and from doctor appointments.  Because it is much safer for you and for baby, we want you to be seen and cared for by a doctor during your pregnancy. ACF Adoptions wants to help you do so wherever you are in Florida.

There have been times ACF Adoptions has received a call from women who tell us her baby is already born and that they have not had any prenatal care.  ACF Adoptions can still help you make a private adoption plan. We can cater our services to best help you and all ACF services we provide are available to you including financial assistance, match with potential adoptive families, legal representation (you never have to go to court), birth and delivery planning, having direct or indirect contact with the adoptive family you choose. If immigration status is a concern of yours, please know that your status does not prevent you from doing a private adoption in Florida and it will not cause deportation.

ACF Adoptions is willing to help anyone interested in exploring making an adoption plan and not receiving prenatal care does not stop us from helping.

You can reach us at: (305) 653-2474 or  800-348-0467. We’re here for you 24/7, 365 days a year. We are here to help.

Call us Now. We’re here for you 24/7, 365 days a year.

Meg – 5/11/20

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