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Can I Choose Adoption at Birth for My Pregnant Teen who is Soon to Deliver her Child?

My school-going teen daughter is unexpectedly pregnant. We are considering giving her child up for adoption at birth. As her mother, my major concern is how the process works when a teen places her baby for adoption. She is in her last trimester now. Is there any adoption agency in Jacksonville that can help my child?

With 30 years of experience, ACF Adoptions can help and guide your teenager in putting her baby up for adoption. ACF Adoptions is a private, licensed adoption agency that provides legal and social services to birth mothers throughout Florida.

How can ACF Adoptions Help You?

Our caring and experienced adoption professionals can help you understand how the adoption process works. We offer around-the-clock support when considering giving your baby up for adoption. Our ultimate goal is to help the mother provide her baby with a good life. We have a team of dedicated, compassionate, and skilled adoption attorneys, licensed mental health care professionals, and support staff specializing in child adoption.

The caring staff at ACF Adoptions will help with her emotional and financial needs. ACF Adoptions can offer free counseling, financial assistance with expenses such as

  • Rent
  • Food
  • Utilities
  • Maternity clothes
  • Medical care
  • Transportation

A birth mother can get this support up to six weeks postpartum. Our experts will talk to you and explain the process in detail. We can help her choose the right family for her baby. Our caring staff will be there when she needs someone to talk to. Each adoption plan is unique. We are here to help her explore her options and to help her make an adoption plan that meets her needs and the needs of her baby.

Need help finding the right adoption agency in Jacksonville? Our experts will help you understand your options and move forward in your life. Contact Us for more information.

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