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I am Pregnant But Unable to Parent My Child. Can ACF Adoptions Help Me to Give My Baby Up for Adoption?

I took a pregnancy test, and the result came positive. I am not ready to be a mother now as I want to focus on my career. After Googling about unplanned pregnancy options, I think giving my baby up for adoption is my best option. It will give my child a chance in life.

I have no idea how to proceed ahead with the adoption process.

  • Is there anyone who can help me understand how the process works?
  • Do I need to pay to make an adoption plan?
  • Will I get any financial help with medical care, as I cannot continue my job for the full pregnancy term?

We understand the fear and anxiety you may be feeling now. You are not alone. Our caring and experienced staff at ACF Adoptions can help you. ACF is a private, licensed adoption agency that has offered quality adoption services to women with unplanned pregnancies since 1992.

How Can ACF Adoptions Help You to Give Your Baby Up for Adoption?

Helping to Understand the Adoption Process

Our experienced and compassionate adoption professionals at ACF Adoptions provide you with information about the adoption process. They’ll guide you in every step of this process so that you can make the right decision for your child. We never force anyone to choose adoption. So, feel free to select what suits you the most.

Creating an Adoption Plan

Our caseworkers and counselors work with a birth mother to make a customized adoption plan that suits her child. Here are the most common adoption plans that pregnant women choose-

➢ Open adoption

➢ Semi-open adoption

➢ Closed adoption

Finding Out the Right Adoptive Family

As a private, licensed adoption agency, ACF Adoptions can help you find the best adoptive family for you and your baby. You can choose from a broad list of carefully screened and pre-approved adoptive parents ready to grow or start their families.

Getting Financial Assistance

Birth mothers are entitled to financial help during pregnancy and up to six weeks post-delivery. It includes:

  • Housing rent
  • Utilities
  • Transportation bill
  • Medical care
  • Maternity clothing

Giving Birth to Your Child

ACF Adoption counselor helps you even when you’re in labor. They’ll arrange transportation facilities to and from the hospital and always be with you.

Post Adoption Counseling

Birth mothers often find it challenging to get back to their previous life. Our compassionate adoption counselors at ACF Adoptions have a support group that meets twice a month to help them. We offer one-on-one support to women as required.

You are not giving up your baby for adoption but gifting your child a loving future. Adoption is a positive choice for your baby. Contact us today for more info. We are here for you 24/7, 365 days a year. It is 100% free and confidential.

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