Placing baby for adoption in Florida
February 17, 2022 Birth Mothers

My Baby has been diagnosed with a Special Need or Medical Condition. Can I Still make an Adoption Plan? 

Yes, you can still make an adoption plan through a private adoption agency! At ACF, we know that making an adoption plan is not an easy decision, and your baby’s health can make the choice even that much more difficult. The staff and adoption social workers at ACF Adoptions are experienced in working with women who are making an adoption plan for their baby who may have a special need or medical condition. Some of these medical conditions may be rare. Over the years, ACF has helped many families who find themselves expecting a child with special needs. 

Your special needs case or diagnosis may include health and medical needs or genetic and developmental disabilities. As an expectant mother, you will still maintain the right to choose the most appropriate prospective adoptive family for your baby. You will be given a chance to review prospective families who are ready and willing to adopt a baby who may require a higher level of care. These families have been trained in caring for children with medical and special needs and they come with a ton of experience. They sometimes have experience from raising their biological children and/or other adopted children who were born with or developed medical or special needs. 

ACF Adoptions ensures that any family coming forward to adopt a baby with medical or special needs is well aware of the baby’s needs and can appropriately provide a home environment that the baby can thrive in while receiving the care he or she may need throughout their life. Most often these prospective adoptive families are two parent homes, with one parent as a stay at home parent. As the expectant mother, you can determine the level of openness you wish to have in your adoption. We believe this can provide comfort to an expectant mother, and assurance that the prospective adoptive family you chose, is meeting the needs of your baby, both medically and emotionally

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