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January 7, 2021 Birth Mothers

Can I have visits with my baby and the adoptive family? What happens during an annual visit with my adoptive family?

Whether we are working with you to create a private adoption plan in Florida or Alabama, ACF Adoptions will always review all types of post placement communication birth parents can have with the adoptive family they choose during the process. We will review the type of contact you would like to have prior to birth, after birth and literally for the next 18 years. Whatever you decide will be included in your post adoption communication agreement, which is signed by both you and the adoptive family. It is their commitment to maintaining the type of contact you wish to have in placing your baby for adoption.

Many birth parents seek an open adoption and even ask for an annual visit with their adoptive family as part of their post adoption communication agreement. An annual visit is planned and the birth parents and adoptive families mutually agree upon the date, time and location. It usually takes place near where the birth parents lives. Maybe at a nearby playground, restaurant for lunch, or a local establishment like a museum, if possible. It can even be held at the ACF Adoptions office located in North Miami Beach, Florida, if you would like the support of ACF staff and adoption counselors/social worker during the visit.

An annual visit is a chance for the birth parents to see how well their child is doing. During the annual visit, the birth parents and adoptive parents will discuss the child’s development, likes and dislikes, and adjustment. The birth parents will be able to bond with their child and their adoptive family by learning of their daily life and routine. The adoptive family also has the chance to learn more about the birth parents and may ask questions such as what they remember of their childhood, their likes/dislikes as child, mannerisms, etc. All of this may be helpful for the child in the future.

At ACF Adoptions, we hope the annual visits provide a sense of comfort for the birth parents and positively reinforces their thoughts/feelings about their choice of making an adoption plan as they see how well their child is doing and how loved they are.

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Lynnette -1/7/2021

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