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February 17, 2021 Birth Mothers

What happens if my family does not agree with my private adoption plan in Florida or Alabama?

Choosing to make an adoption plan and place your baby for adoption is a decision that we know birth parents make after a lot of research and consideration of all their options. Even still, there are times when our birth mother’s share with us that their family is unsupportive. Usually, this is due to them not knowing about the current adoption laws, process and rights of the birth parents. Many people are unaware of the birth mother’s right to choose to have an open adoption and choose the adoptive family. ACF Adoptions offers FREE adoption help and counseling.

Having little or no support from family and friends while making your adoption plan can be stressful and overwhelming. ACF Adoptions have adoption professionals who are available to provide counseling to help you process your feelings and thoughts surrounding your family’s concerns and/or lack of support.

Any birth mother, 15 years or older, can come forward to make an adoption plan and place their baby for adoption without requiring parent and/or legal guardian consent. ACF Adoptions’ social workers/adoption counselors will work with you to come up with a plan to share your adoption plan with your family if you decide this is something you want to do.

Birth mothers who come forward to do a private adoption plan in Florida or Alabama have the right to involve anyone in their adoption plan that they see fit. The social workers/adoption counselors and staff at ACF Adoptions, invite all relatives to attend meetings with the birth parents to gain a better understanding of the private adoption process and what making an adoption plan really looks like. Inviting a relative or friend may ease family member’s concerns about where the baby will go and how he/she will be cared for after the adoption.

At ACF Adoptions, we want all birth mothers to feel comfortable with their adoption plan. Adoption professionals are here to support you during this time and work together to ensure those closest to you can learn about the adoption process too!

You can reach us at: (305) 653-2474 or  800-348-0467. We’re here for you 24/7, 365 days a year. We are here to help.

-Lynn – 2/17/2021

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