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How To Help A Pregnant Woman Dealing With An Unplanned Pregnancy?

Pregnancy can be a blessing or it can be an overwhelming time in someone’s life, depending on whether it was planned or unplanned. Giving birth to your child is an experience you will never forget. However, raising your child is not always possible. Various circumstances such as not having support or not having the financial means are some of the reasons expectant mothers make an adoption plan for their child. Other people are not in a position to parent the child for many other unforeseen situations. In these cases, placing the child for adoption might seem like the best option. Do you have any acquaintances looking for adoption options for a child? If so, you can direct them to ACF Adoptions to help the pregnant woman in this adoption journey. 

Ways to Help a Pregnant Woman in her Adoption Journey

We can understand how it can feel to receive such big news from your loved ones. Initially, you may not know how to react or help her through this journey, especially if it is an unplanned pregnancy. Being that you are a friend or someone close to her, here are a few ways you can hold her up and help the pregnant woman


The best thing you can do is to listen to the expectant mother without judging her choice. It may sound simple, but it can have wonderful results. Let her know that you’ll be there for her whenever she needs to pour her heart out. 

Keep her Busy 

Unplanned pregnancy seems challenging to handle emotionally. Take some time to relax, go out and have fun together. Make sure she is devoting enough time to her hobbies or things that she loves to do to divert her mind for a while. 

Involve in her Activities

Let your friend understand that you will be there through thick and thin. If possible, ask her how you can help her. Be part of her pregnancy-to-adoption journey so that she can have a shoulder to lean on.

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