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March 25, 2022 Birth Mothers

“How Will I Know if I Should Place My Baby For Adoption?”

Many women who are exploring their unplanned pregnancy options ask themselves: “How will I know if I should place my baby for adoption?” That’s a tough question to answer, especially on your own. However, when meeting with an expectant mother for the first time, we go through some questions that are helpful. We’ll provide those below so that you can begin thinking about whether or not you truly want to “place my baby for adoption.” 

Adoption Considerations from ACF Adoptions

There is no greater responsibility than being a parent to a child. There is no relationship that requires more patience and love. Additionally, there is no job that requires more energy than being a mom or a dad. Are you ready for it? Here are some considerations and questions to help you sort your thoughts:

  • Will I be raising this child all alone? Will I have anyone to help me?
  • Am I able to pay for all the things a baby will need? Is my baby’s father able to help me?
  • Am I ready to have a baby completely dependent on me to fulfill every need, 24 hours a day?
  • Can I compromise – put my child’s needs before mine day after day and be happy to do it, not resentful?
  • Am I more worried about what my friends/family think than about doing what is best for both me and my baby?
  • What would my friends and family think if I told them I had decided to place my baby for adoption?
  • If I place my baby for adoption, would I want to see them again? How do I feel about open adoption?

Making the Right Decision

Before making the decision to place your child up for adoption, we encourage you to talk to other family members, friends, professionals or other individuals whose opinions you value. Just remember that – whatever decision you make – it is yours and yours alone. If you find yourself saying “I really don’t know if I should place my baby for adoption or not,” and have no one to talk to, we would be happy to connect you with an experienced and caring counselor here at ACF Adoptions

We would never sway you in one direction over another. In contrast, our goal at ACF Adoptions is to simply help you in understanding your pregnancy options, your rights as an expectant birth parent and the adoption resources available to you. By doing so, we hope to ensure that you are able to make the most well-informed decision possible.

Ready to “Place My Baby for Adoption?

Feel free to contact ACF Adoptions today. We would be happy to speak with you, and assist you in making an adoption plan. We are here for you 24/7. Everything we discuss is confidential, and completely free of charge. 

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