Place my baby for adoption

“How Will I Know if I Should Place My Baby For Adoption?”

March 25, 2022 Birth Mothers 0 Comment

Many women who are exploring their unplanned pregnancy options ask themselves: “How will I know if I should place my baby for adoption?” That’s a tough question to answer, especially on your own. However, when meeting with an expectant mother for the first time, we go through some questions that […]

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Adoption Plan

If I place my baby for adoption in Florida, do I get to see him/her before I leave the hospital?

May 27, 2021 Birth Mothers 0 Comment

Yes! When you make an adoption plan in Florida, you can see your baby and have as much time as you want before going home. During your hospital stay, you get to decide if you want your baby to stay in your room or to stay in the nursery, or […]

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