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March 4, 2022 Birth Mothers

Unplanned Teenage Pregnancy and Adoption

Facing an unplanned teenage pregnancy can be tremendously scary, especially if you’re going through alone. It’s important to remember that support is available to you, and that ACF Adoptions is here to help. If you make an adoption plan with us, we will provide you with the support, legal counsel and access to the resources you need to have a healthy pregnancy. Want to learn more about what adoption looks like for women facing an unplanned teenage pregnancy? Check out our FAQs below. 

Why Choose Adoption When Facing an Unplanned Teenage Pregnancy? 

If you feel that you’re not ready to become a parent, adoption is a great way to ensure that your baby grows up in a safe and loving home. While it might feel strange to be in this position, it’s important to remember that unplanned teenage pregnancy is not that uncommon. Many other young women, like yourself, have chosen to place their baby for adoption too. Most say that while it was very tough at the time, it was one of the best decisions they have ever made. Adoption is a selfless and loving act, one that a mother makes in hopes of providing her baby with the brightest future possible. 

How Does Adoption Work?

When you come to meet with us for the first time, we’ll discuss the adoption process and help you understand what making an adoption plan actually means. If you decide to move forward with adoption, we would start the process by helping you obtain the counseling and support you need at this time. Facing an unplanned teenage pregnancy is never easy, so taking advantage of these services may prove to be very helpful. Our staff would also work alongside you to build an adoption plan and determine the level of financial support available to you within the confines of the law. 

How Much Will This Adoption Cost Me? 

For women facing an unplanned teenage pregnancy, the adoption will cost them nothing. Expectant mothers are not responsible for any legal or agency fees. In fact, by choosing to make an adoption plan, financial assistance (via the adoptive family)may be available to you to help with both medical and living expenses.

What’s an Adoption Plan? 

The adoption plan is sort of like a guidebook for how your adoption will play out. When creating an adoption plan, you’ll considering certain things like: 

  • What important traits would you like to see in the adoptive family? 
  • What kind of community would you like your child to grow up in? 
  • Would you like your child to grow up in the same area as you or somewhere else? 
  • What level of contact would you like to have with the adoptive family after placement? 
  • Would you feel comfortable getting to know the adoptive family prior to giving birth? 

When a woman facing an unplanned teenage pregnancy chooses adoption, every decision about her baby’s future is up to her. We’ll never push you in a specific direction or force you to make a certain decision. That’s part of the reason why we create adoption plans. These plans ensure that your desires and preferences are met throughout all levels of the adoption process.  

How Do I Choose an Adoptive Family? 

Once you finalize your preferences for the adoptive family in the adoption plan, our staff would begin searching for waiting adoptive families that match your preferences. Once we identify several waiting families that fit your plan, we’ll start sharing their adoption profiles with you. If one of them seems right, we can arrange for you to speak with them if you wish. If none of them feel right, we’ll go back to the drawing board and do everything we can to find the right family for you and your baby.

Will I Ever See My Baby Again? 

It’s important for women going through an unplanned teenage pregnancy to know that adoption doesn’t have to be the end. When making your adoption plan, you’ll decide how much contact you’d like to have with your baby after placement. There are three different types of private adoption, but most women choose open or semi-open adoption. These adoption situations often include visits, updates with pictures and letters, or the ability to be in contact with the family via text, phone or email. You could also choose to have a closed adoption, where there is no contact with the adoptive family. This decision is yours to make and will be respected by all parties involved in the adoption. 

Ready to make an adoption plan? 

If you’re experiencing an unplanned teenage pregnancy and would like to talk to someone about adoption, ACF Adoptions is here to help. We are available to you 24/7, even if you’ve already given birth. Give us a call or connect with us today. Everything we discuss is confidential, and completely free of charge. 

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