Pregnant Considering Adoption

Pregnant and Considering Adoption? ACF Can Help You. 

April 8, 2022 Birth Mothers 0 Comment

If you are pregnant and considering adoption as one of your pregnancy options, ACF Adoptions can help you. We would be happy to speak with you and assist you in better understanding what the adoption process in Florida entails.  Why Choose Adoption?  Adoption is a loving, selfless choice that many […]

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unplanned teenage pregnancy

Unplanned Teenage Pregnancy and Adoption

March 4, 2022 Birth Mothers 0 Comment

Facing an unplanned teenage pregnancy can be tremendously scary, especially if you’re going through alone. It’s important to remember that support is available to you, and that ACF Adoptions is here to help. If you make an adoption plan with us, we will provide you with the support, legal counsel […]

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Adoption Plan

If I place my baby for adoption in Florida, do I get to see him/her before I leave the hospital?

May 27, 2021 Birth Mothers 0 Comment

Yes! When you make an adoption plan in Florida, you can see your baby and have as much time as you want before going home. During your hospital stay, you get to decide if you want your baby to stay in your room or to stay in the nursery, or […]

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Creating Adoption Plan in Florida

Last Minute Adoption Plan For Pregnant Moms

July 12, 2019 Birth Mothers 0 Comment

At ACF Adoptions, if you call us towards the end of your pregnancy or after the baby is born, you will always have the same options as any of our prospective birth mothers.  ACF Adoptions serves all of  Florida and here are some services you would receive after calling us: […]

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