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Licensed Adoption Agency in Florida Specializing in the Adoption Process of Medically Complex Children

Many birth parents who find out that their child has some special medical needs usually think they can’t give that child up for adoption. Wrong. They can place their medically complex children up for adoption with the help of a licensed adoption agency in Florida. Many loving families are praying and waiting to adopt a child with special needs.

ACF Adoptions can help you to start the adoption process of a medically complex child. ACF+ is a nationwide adoption program that helps birth mothers give their children with special needs up for adoption. We’ll help them find safe and caring homes for their children. The “+” in ACF+ represents the extra care that medically complex families need to support their children’s well-being and help them thrive.

How ACF+ Helps to Simplify the Adoption Process for Medically Complex Children?

Talk to Our Caseworker

Once you contact us, we’ll talk to you and understand what kind of special needs your child is expected to have. It’s important to have open discussions with our ACF+ case worker to understand the kind of care and support a child may require.

Create an Adoption Plan

Once you decide to put your child up for adoption, the next step is to create an adoption plan for your child. Our experienced and caring team members are here to help you make an adoption plan that suits your child the most. If needed, they can even help you create a custom adoption plan for your child.

Choose the Right Adoptive Family

We are here to help you choose the right adoptive family for your baby. Remember, there is a family for every child, even for children with special needs. All these families can provide necessary medical care and also give your child love, opportunities, and a sense of belonging. Knowing that your child lives in a caring, kind, and good environment can bring you peace of mind.

Post Adoption Contact

You can stay in touch with the adoptive family even after the adoption.

Looking for a Licensed Adoption Agency in Florida? Contact Us

Are you searching for a licensed adoption agency in Florida that will help you start the adoption process? Contact the ACF Adoption team today to learn more about our ACF+ program. Our team works 24/7, 365 days a year, to help birth mothers.

Call: 1-800-348-0467 OR 1-305-653-2474

Text: 954-540-2383

Positive Adoption Language Disclaimer:

Our blogs use language people commonly use when seeking help with their pregnancy and adoption plans. This will help reach more people looking for our services. At ACF Adoptions, we use positive adoption language that might differ from commonly searched terms about adoption and children. We would be honored to help serve you, so please call us today.

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