Placing baby for closed adoption
July 18, 2022 Birth Mothers

What Should We Think Before Placing My Baby For Closed Adoption?

Giving birth to a child is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful experiences a woman can ever experience in her life. Having said that, facing an unplanned pregnancy can change the situation completely! You could at that point start exploring adoption as an option. Closed Adoption in Florida is one of the least popular types of adoptions in comparison to open and semi-open. Closed Adoption is often not desired because it consists of little to no contact with the adoptive family and child. 

Birth mothers and adoptive parents often do not have much clarity about how this adoption process works. Anyone planning to place their baby for adoption can have questions or concerns that need to be addressed before getting into the process. 

Should I consider Closed Adoption in Florida? 

Every birth mother’s journey is unique and so is their situation. Like any two human beings, each adoption story is different from the other. The choice is yours, and your arrangement can be customized based on your personal wishes. At ACF, we explain the different types of Adoptions you may want to consider. It is entirely up to the birth mother to determine the extent of the adoption relationship she wants with her unborn child and their adoptive family. Even though open and semi-open adoptions offer many benefits to adoptive families, most are willing to participate in a closed adoption with the birth parents if those are their wishes. 

We would always suggest you consult with a licensed, private adoption agency like ACF before making a decision. Our ACF team of expert adoption counselors will guide you through the entire adoption process. You will get clarity on which adoption process suits you the most.

You may prefer to have a confidential and private adoption, which means you would not have any contact with the adoptive family before or after the adoption. In such cases, ACF will request annual photos and letters for its files, and you are free to request them in the future. Unless you and/or the adoptive parents authorize ACF to release such information, Florida law requires that your identifying information and the adoptive parents identifying information remain confidential. 

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